by Simon Brett
directed by Fred Petersen
Season: July 30, 31.  August 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15
Rehearsals will commence approximately 8th June

Audition Sunday 17th May
Due to major renovations occurring at the theatre during May/June, time and place will be advised later for auditions.

Roles to be filled:
Martin Powell, a successful charismatic actor (early fifties)
Celia Wallis, a successful attractive actress (early forties)
Detective Inspector Bruton, good looking (mid thirties)
Detective Sergeant Fisher, a burly plain clothes policeman (25 – 30)
Detective Constable Wilkins (35 – 40)
WPC Carter, Policewoman (25 – 30)
Neville Smallwood, Journalist (mid thirties)

Detective Bruton questions actress Celia Wallis about the murder of her husband Martin.  Celia is quite obviously in the clear.  Neville Smallwood, the drunken journalist sleeping in her bed, is an extremely shady character who argued with Martin before the murder.
The solution to the initial puzzle is simple, however, all our expectations of the characters and the plot are turned on their head.  Not even the fitgure silhouetted eerily against the glass front door is at all what he or she seems.  The denouement of this witty and original play will surprise and perplex.

Fred Petersen: 9279 2087 / 0438 927 393 or

The Wee Small Hours
A serious Comedy
Written and Directed by Alice Dale
Season October 1st to 17th, 2015
Alice is calling for expressions of interest for this production.
Date for an audition to be announced at a later date.

Roles to be filled:
Sara, An attractive actress in her late forties
Nan: Her older sister from Manchester  (fifties)
Barry: Sara’s current lover (30 to 35)
Greg: Her lover in the past (58 ish)
Nancy: Her daughter (voice-over ONLY)

For further details please contact Alice on 9257 2993.